Real Estate Photography by Studio Henk van Droffelaar
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Studio Henk van Droffelaar specialises in photos of properties both the interior and exterior.

The internet, media advertisement and promotional brochures are all photo image based. Use of the wrong or poor photos is counterproductive and can often be a waste of time, effort and money. First impressions are of paramount importance in the successful sale or renting of almost any commodity and in particular real estate. Photographing land and property is a definitive art and has been the business of Studio Henk van Droffelaar for over 30 years.

Despite the revolution in the world of photography as regards digital cameras opposed to film, it has become increasingly obvious that the quality of images within the real estate business could be drastically improved both technically and aesthetically. All serious home sellers and holiday rentals should be anxious to present their homes to all serious home buyers or holiday rentals, in the best possible light.

Independent research has established beyond doubt that the first 2 seconds are key to capture the interest of any potential client before they click on to another page. In order to achieve the best results however, it is important that the original photographs are taken by our own professional photographers, to allow our studios to correct and enhance the images digitally in contrast, light, colour etc.

In a standard home contract we will take 20 - 50 images set at high resolution (top A4 printing availability) and sent via CD, usb-stick and in the mail. Price between
200 € and 500 €

Studio Henk van Droffelaar offers an option on your selling and rentals advertising site by providing a link which will enable potential clients to view a larger selection of photos (which will be taken at the time of visiting your home) . Price 50 € a year.

You can e mail us at or alternatively call us on 914137967 for details or to make an appointment.